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Nursery and Preschools

The Ark Day Nursery

4 St Patrick's St, Stafford ST16 2PL, UK – 01785 254501

Fantastic nursey

St Peter's Pre-school & Nursery

In the grounds of Stafford Manor High School, Wolverhampton Road, Stafford ST17 9DH, UK – 01785 240641

My son is 2.5 year old and he started going to nursery when he was 18 month old. He loves going there. Staff is very kind and supportive. I am happy that I chose this nursery for him. I found that other parents I met have the same feeling.

can't get much better than friendly staff, lots of activities for a variety of aged children to keep them well entertained and stimulated, and above all excellent care provided. The staff here truly have gone above and beyond in more than one occasion to ensure our experience was/is always a good one. highly recommended.

Milford Pre-School & Day Nursery

Milford Rd, Stafford ST17 0LA, UK – 01785 665663

Primary and Secondary Schools

Weston Road Academy

Blackheath Ln, Stafford ST18 0YG, UK – 01785 413600

Very good school but should cut down of uniform rules just a little bit. All the teachers are good and so is the pastoral team. Over all very good

The school isOK but I love all my friends and I am TERRIBLE at maths

Leasowes Primary School

Porlock Av, Stafford ST17 0HT, UK – 01785 337370

My little boy attends Leasowes primary School has been rated outstanding in Ofstead report Friendly teachers and support staff

Its greay

Sir Graham Balfour School

North Ave, Stafford ST16 1NR, UK – 01785 223490

McDonald is a great fast food place that has happy meals with toys. You can order whatever drink your little kid wants. Adults and teens can have happy meals as well. On the main menu there are different varieties of foods and drinks. For example if it was a hot day and you wanted to cool down you could have a small, medium or large milkshake. For the food example you could have fish fingers or burgers and other things as well. If you don't want chips you have to tell them otherwise they will give them to you as they are a thing that they assume people want.

My name is E15 this school we call Balfour is so boring I had more fun going to my nans funeral and they had free food. At Balfour all you get is bad food which you pay for and they wonder why people sneak off to parkside. If being a boring and hell whole is what they are going for your doing all the right things Some gd things to change are the following . •get mr wright back he was the best head teacher ever. •get gd food •kick mr mason out and get someone who cares for people •let people go for a sesh when they want •don’t big up to my gs •don’t be idiots to students pick on somebody your own size stop shouting in kids faces that’s not how you solve stuff because Last time I shouted in a teachers face I got 2 day iso •let students have a say in stuff before you give them a iso or break or after school because I had so many off them because you don’t listen. •don’t make lies up about people and don’t make stuff seem bad on the phone when you call to talk about a kid to the mum or dad because you make every single person feel like dirt •just saying most off the teachers are ok and they know who they are but the ones that are giving out loads off bcs for petty things stop because all your doing is making that kid look bad and well that’s not the case with the people who go Balfour at the end off the day they are young people they should be aloud to make mistakes that’s life everyone makes them •the pe teachers get a 5 star rating from me they are the kindest people ever they will talk to ya and they care about you unlike most the teachers •big up mr T mr Johnson and mrs Watson also mrs C mrs M

Public & Preparatory Schools

Copsewood Primary School

Verulam Rd, Stafford ST16 3EA, UK